Let the Decorating Begin

I love Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, the time with family, everything. Over the years I have started to do quite a bit of the decorating at our house and got a start on it this past weekend. We have a lot of options for decorations and not enough space for everything so the house looks different every year which I think is fun. This year I decided that the buffet would be one area that was done up completely different than it had been before.

Gold 007

Gold 012

This fall I made some faux enamel vases and I decided it would be nice to include those in my buffet arrangement. I have also always loved the look of ornaments piled up in a glass cylinder and we conveniently had a selection to choose from out in the garage!

Gold 001

Now that I had some height to work with I started to search through the boxes to find some gold ornaments to use. I quickly found the box of gold and got to work filling the container with godliness. There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to the way that I placed the ornaments, I just put in a few and then moved them around until I liked how they looked.

Gold 021

Next I found some red berries that I thought would bring a little brightness to the arrangement of gold, we have used these before on our trees, but this year they were getting a new use.

Gold 018

I used a couple of boxes to lift up the smallest vase so it didn’t get hidden in the gold fabric I chose to use to add some texture and shine to the buffet.

With three vases on the left and one large container of ornaments on the right I knew I needed something with a little more height in the middle to balance things out. I went back out to the garage to see what we had in the artificial tree department and I was in luck! We had a perfectly sized tree, about 2 feet tall and narrow enough to fit nicely in the space I had left.

The only item that I purchased new for this display was the gold pinecone candle. I saw it at Target when I was wandering through last week and I knew I had to have it, and an added bonus is the candle actually smells good!

Gold 019

I am really happy how the buffet turned out. Something different but almost everything was already in our Christmas stash. I continued my decorating binge and have things just about finished.  The only thing we need is our REAL tree.  Maybe this weekend we can trek out to the tree farm and pick out the perfect, narrow, but tall (if we want it to be) tree!



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