The Start of Something

I recently moved into a condo I have owned and rented out for about 5 years. I decided it was time to no longer be a landlord, though things had gone well for the time I have tenants. I am really excited to get things all settled and decorated. It will be a slow process but I have time. I think if I take time and work at it slowly it will come together nicely and I won’t make a bunch of rushed decisions. Here are a few photos of the space when it was completely cleared out, before I did any painting or moving in.

The living room is the first room I will tackle in decorating. I will spend most of my waking time in this room and so I want it to feel homey and comfortable. It is a nice size and I look forward to getting things settled in this room.

Condo living room before

Condo Before 2013 015

The dining and kitchen are right off of the living space. The kitchen is small but sufficient for my needs. There is enough room in the dining area that I could easily put the leaf in my table to expand for more people.

Condo kitchen before

Condo dining room before

A nice, but small, half bath finishes the rooms on the first floor.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms, both good sized. The one will be my room and the other vacant for now. I am not sure what I will do with my room yet. I have thoughts of making a headboard, changing the wall color and getting new bedding but I don’t have anything specific in mind so for now I am content with using what I already had.

Condo Before bedroom

Condo other bedroom before

Completing the upstairs is a full bathroom. The bathroom is not large but with only one person having to get ready in the morning it isn’t a big deal. My dog Nelly doesn’t require any indoor bathroom time to get ready in the morning.

Condo bathroom before

So that is a little tour of my home! I have already started with some changes and I’m liking how things are coming together.



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