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Quilting Adventures Part 2

This weekend I finally got back to working on the quilt I started a while ago. I had made part of the top previously and the tasks I had left were:

  • Add a border to the top and section dividers
  • Cut the back to size
  • Buy the batting for the middle
  • Pin and sew the top, back and batting together
  • Tie the quilt

This list is why my project has not been finished. I have never completed these steps in quilt making by myself. I have been a part of making tops a number of times and I have tied quilts.  I’ve never completed the important middle steps before so I just wasn’t sure how things were going to develop, so I put this project on the very back burner for a while. Enter this weekend. I was ready to be productive and get a few things completed, or at least closer to completion. Between doing some holiday baking and working on a couple of secret gift projects I worked on and finished Nelly’s quilt!

Quilt Part 2 002

My first step was deciding how wide I wanted my border to be.  This would be the same width as the “section dividers”. I decided that about three inches would be a good width so I got to measuring and cutting. To leave room for the seam I cut seven 4” wide strips. The next step was just pinning them one at a time to the strips that I had made previously and sewing them together.

When this step was done I had a nice rectangular top ready to be pressed. I had been advised to NOT iron my seams open as I had seen in some other tutorials but rather to press them all in one direction. The reason for this was it would keep the seams stronger in the long run, when they are pressed open the stitches can be stressed more which would lead to stretching and potentially breaking.

I measured my top when it was all pressed and flat, and it was roughly 51”x58”. This was great except for the fact that the fabric for my back piece was only 45” wide and about 106” long so I was going to have to do some additional cutting and sewing. A couple of quick cuts later I was zipping the back through the machine, nice and easy. I pressed this as well and then asked my momma for some advice.

As previously stated my quilt making experience is limited. I wasn’t sure how to finish the quilt. What would I sew together to get the top, bottom and batting together? I took the three possibilities and went with what I thought would look the best without taking too much extra time This involved pinning the bottom, top and batting all together and then sewing around the edge, leaving a 10-12” gap so I could turn the quilt right side out when I was done. This involved layering the three pieces and making sure they lined up nicely, easier said than done when working on the floor, but I got it accomplished.

Quilt Part 2 009

Quilt Part 2 017

Quilt Part 2 013Quilt Part 2 007

Sewing it all together went smoother than I thought, I had a problem with the thread tension to start but after that I was off and running—ummm sewing. I left about a 10 inch opening at the bottom of the quilt and just reached in and grabbed a corner and carefully started to turn the quilt right side out.

Quilt Part 2 019

At this point I was very excited with how my quilt looked, for just piecing together scraps it was looking good! Two final steps and the I would be done. First I folded the fabric at the opening and took my needle and thread to it, just slowing stitching it closed. Then I laid the quilt out on the floor to tie it, this step it necessary to keep the 3 layers together when in use. You can also quilt the top in various ways but I knew that was not what was needed.  This quilt is going to be used by my dog Nelly, so she can lay on the couch and keep at least some hair contained!

Quilt Part 2 034

Quilt Part 2 030

Though this took a while to complete it wasn’t because of difficulty really, it was just procrastination. But I am really happy with the results and would definitely consider taking on another quilt someday. But for now I will just let Nelly enjoy her gift. Isn’t she a cutie all snuggled up!


Quilt Part 2 037

Sorry for posting this so late!  Emily wrote it before Christmas but her slacker editor didn’t get it up until now. -Eliina


Quilting Adventures: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I made a few quilt tops for a project at church. These are made with large sections of fabric.  Nothing fancy, but useful.  As I was working on this project with my mom we ended up with smaller pieces left over. That is where this project was born. I decided to make a quilt for Nelly, my pup.  She sheds a little but likes to sit on the couch, so this will be her couch quilt.

Here we go…

First I took all of the scraps of fabric and sorted them into two piles based on their length. I figured this would give me an idea of how to cut down the strips. I didn’t want to waste fabric, or make cuts that were unnecessary. I decided that based on the fabric I had I would do four columns, two of each length.

After making this decision I got my mom to work on cutting! It was a tag team effort on this part of the project. Mom cuts, I organize, pin and sew.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.   Something about cutting fabric frustrates me, so if I can avoid it, I do!

The quilt didn’t need to be super fancy or color coordinated but I didn’t want it to seriously clash either.   I realize it is for my dog, but at the same time it will be in view on the couch.  I laid out all of my fabric so I could get an idea of how the rows would match up together and then it was on to the real work.

Basic sewing is not as difficult as some people think, and I was not looking to earn any awards with this quilt.  I took my first two pieces of fabric, put them together with the “good side” facing in, lined up the long edge and pinned the two pieces together in three spots.

Then I was off to the races.   I zipped each piece through the machine, using the edge of the foot on the sewing machine as a guide for the seam. Using the foot as a guide made for a nice ½ inch seam and it was also an easy way of keeping the seam straight.

After I sewed all of the pieces together I had four strips that were all pretty close to the same length. However as I held one up I saw it was really curved to the left. So much for nice straight and even seams! I was afraid I would have to rip out the seams on about half of that strip, but after a calming discussion with my momma I was given a much quicker solution. I simply had to adjust the seams on a few pieces and that would straighten up the whole column. This meant measuring the two ends of each individual strip that seemed out of place and re-sewing that seam. Phew! I had to make this adjustment in three places, but SO much better than ripping out seams and then repinning and re-sewing half of the strip.

This is where I am right now.  I have four columns ready to be sewn together into a full quilt top.  I will use solid fabric to separate each column to bring it all together.

The adventure continues as I work on other projects.