Bringing the Love to the Young House Love Book Tour!

Eliina: It’s no secret that we at 3E Design LOVE Young House Love.  The way Sherry and John Petersik have transformed their houses in ways big and small is totally inspiring.  I love their clear instructions and conversational writing style.

Emily: My first experience with Young House Love was after Eliina showed me their weekly pictures of Clara when she was pregnant.  I thought it was fun idea that was for tracking a baby’s growth, from there I got hooked on the regular around the house projects and I became an official fan. I have passed on their website to tons of people whether they want it or not!  Reading their posts is my “treat” at work every day.  If there are tasks that I am not in the mood for I make myself get those things done before I take a peek at their morning post.  I love that they are wordy because it helps to really understand the process.  They really make you feel like you could complete any and all of the same projects.

Eliina:  They recently published a book, and planned a tour with stops all over the country.  Lucky for me, they planned a stop in my home city.  I thought it would be fun to go, and what would be better  than going with my sister and fellow fan, Emily?

Emily: When Chicago was announced as a city on the tour I knew I wanted to make a weekend trip to do the book signing and visit my favorite Chicago sister.  John and Sherry make you feel like you are one of maybe a dozen people reading their blog, though really they have millions of hits every month!  I wanted to be a part of the fun!

Eliina: The Chicago event was held at West Elm in Lincoln Park, about a twenty minute drive from my place in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

Emily: I took off from work early on Friday and made my way to Chicago.  Smooth sailing was the name of the driving game, by some miracle the only slowdown was during the last 6 miles of highway in Chicago, and even then things moved along.  I took that as an omen for a great weekend!  I was super excited not only for the book signing but also to see my niece Alice.  She was excited to have someone to show off for, and I enjoyed every minute of my time with her.  She can even say my name!  If I wasn’t convinced of her cuteness before I am fully convinced now!

Eliina: The event started at 1pm, and when we got in line around 11:30 there were probably 200 people in line ahead of us.  Em bought a copy of the book and we settled in to wait.

Emily: Holy Thunderstorm Batman!  That’s right, with a storm like we had waiting in line it deserves the reference.  Pouring rain, (thankfully we were on the inside edge of a covered walkway outside the store), BIG booms of thunder and even bolts of lightning, all endured to get my beloved book signed by John and Sherry.

Eliina:  The West Elm folks had promised cookies and cocoa, and they delivered.  Staff members brought out house and heart shaped cookies, followed by mugs of hot cocoa.

Emily: Ok, so maybe I was getting a little loopy by the time the cookies came around, but I do love a sugar cookie and so my reaction was warranted.  One of our line mates, a lovely visitor from Estonia, had the cutest reaction to the cookies being brought outside for us.  She said “This is why America is awesome”, indeed, if you have to wait in line, cookies and cocoa make it all better.  Go USA!!

Eliina: We were super excited to finally make it into the store.

Emily: As a little teaser once we were inside the store they had a couple of projects set up for us to look take a gander at.  I thought the etched glass votives were a cute idea, and they even referenced where you could find the idea in their book.  And how could we pass up the chance to pose with a huge poster version of their book cover.  Crazy!

Eliina: After seeing hundreds of photos of these people on their blog, it was strange to see them in real life.  They were friendly and gracious during the brief time we spoke with them.

Emily: Even though we only had a few moments actually at their table to get the book signed and get a picture or two snapped they were so warm and still energetic.  There must have been over 200 people ahead of use and more than that after us so they were in a for a long afternoon of signing and smiling!  I am so happy that we took the time to go to the signing.  We had a good time chatting in line, flipping through the book a bit and enjoying our cookies and cocoa.  I would go again in a heartbeat, especially if it means getting to see my sweet niece Alice as a part of the deal.



3 responses to “Bringing the Love to the Young House Love Book Tour!

  1. You make it sound as much fun as I know it was. Nice.

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