Pillow Predicament

It took my now husband and I several weeks of looking for find a sectional that would fit into our typical long, narrow, Chicago condo.  We finally found the perfect sofa at Roy’s in Lincoln Park, an independent furniture store that had a large selection of furniture that wasn’t made for suburban McMansion living rooms.  (If you’re interested in checking them out, although Roy’s burned down this past May, they have a temporary showroom in Pilsen).  We brought our brown leather sectional home and over the past three years logged many hours of naps, movie marathons, and football games, not to mention all my nursing sessions with our daughter.

What I’ve never done is properly outfitted it with throw pillows.  I first had a little pair of blue pillows that coordinated with our old rug.  Those were replaced with a yellow and grey floral pair that work well with the yellow wall at the front of the room. Still, two little pillows floating on a decent sized sectional wasn’t doing it for me.  I’ve issued a challenge to myself to up our sofa’s comfort and style factors by adding some more pillows to the mix.  To make things more interesting, I’ve also decided that they needed to be handmade.

Here’s a photo of where we’re starting.

Let’s see where this challenge takes us!



4 responses to “Pillow Predicament

  1. Oh i wish i could have a sofa like that!! I make and sell cushions and i would just give crazy with overstuffing that whole wonderful space. Tie dye..i would go tie dye mad. If you go to my website you see what i mean. I have a link on my blog. Happy cushion making 🙂

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  4. Thanks for commenting, Silvia! I love your tie dye cushions – so pretty.

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