It’s Turkey Time!

In honor of the main protein served this month I thought of a quick and easy craft project. This fingerprint turkey idea was really simple and could be done with kids of any age. As with my thankful wheel project these were completed by the cousins, ages 5, 8 and 11.  They all had fun and all completed these without any assistance.

The supplies were again things I just had around: card stock, stamp pads and a few markers. The only thing we needed was our finger prints.


Using the brown stamp pad we used our thumbs for the body of the turkey and our index fingers for the head. After that we used a variety of colors to make the feathers. I decided that we didn’t have to use all realistic colors for this project.  After all,  it was just for fun.


To help keep things neat I asked that the girls use one color for each row of feathers, but other than that they were off to the races. Valerie worked very quickly and requested permission to make a second turkey, Stephanie finished next and wanted make another on a separate piece of paper, and Lexa was the last to finish.  She worked very carefully, and wanted very boldly colored feathers.

The final step was to use a few markers to add the legs, beak, “gobbler”, as I like to call it, and an eye. Theses were the “required” elements on the turkey, just to help the final project look turkey-esque. They decided to give a few more embellishments for fun.  Might as well keep it fun, after all, what is life without a little whimsy?


Editors note from sister Eliina – Like poulty and whimsy?  Then you must love this classic post by the Bloggess.


One response to “It’s Turkey Time!

  1. The girls are so lucky to have you to do some fun projects with! These lil’ turkeys turned out adorable!

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