Being Thankful

I’ve always loved holiday crafts.  I think it’s the teacher in me.  What is a holiday at school without a craft to go along with it, right? Well, now that I am not teaching, I have to get out that need for craft somehow and this holiday idea was graciously completed by my three young cousins. Whenever I babysit these cousins I like to have a project or game up my sleeve to keep things fun and they are always up for whatever I have planned. This past Friday night I had my crafty hat on for my time with the ladies.

For the first project, we created framed paper wheels kind of reminiscent of pies that spin to reveal what the girls are thankful for.  This idea was pretty easy to execute.  I had to help my kindergarten aged cousin with some of the cutting but other than that she was able to complete it by herself.

The supplies were all things I had on hand from previous projects: patterned scrapbook paper,card stock in several colors and small brads (paper craft fasteners).  I also brought along a set of alphabet stamps and stamp pads in a variety of colors.

The project requires paper circles of two different sizes, and I used a bowl and a salad plate at home to make a template for the girls to use.  The girls quickly got to work with their tracing.  They needed to cut out two small circles from solid card stock in contrasting colors. We cut a pie shaped wedge from the small circle that would eventually be on top.  Then they used the larger circle template to cut a circular hole in the patterned paper they chose as the frame for the project.

After all of the pieces were cut out it was time to stamp. I let the girls pick out a stamp color that coordinated with their paper color. Lexa decided to alternate upper and lower case letters, Valerie chose to use two different colors and then Stephanie went with all capital letters and one color, like the sample I had made for them.

The trickiest part of this project is finding the center point of each piece so they would line up once assembled. I did this by gently creasing one of the smaller circles in half and then in half again to create a center point. After finding the center point on one piece I lined up the rest of the circles and punched a hole through each piece.

Now for the final assembly!  Take a full sheet of patterned paper and secure it to a sheet of plain card stock of the same size using double sided tape.  Use a pattern that coordinates with the paper chosen for the frame.  Next, secure the outer frame on top of the full sheet of patterned paper using more double sided tape.  Then center the two contrasting small circles in the center of the frame space, and attach the circles to the larger sheet of paper using a brad.  Flatten the brad to secure the circles.

Once the assembly was done the girls took some time to write on the bottom circle what they were thankful for.  When the top circle is rotated, the things they are thankful for are revealed one by one.  Valerie, who is in Kindergarten and attends Catholic school, chose to be thankful for all of the Fruits of the Spirit and her family. Lexa and Stephanie chose a variety of things to be thankful for. Though they all had the same templates to work with the final products were unique to each of them.

Stay tuned for the other Thanksgiving project idea!


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