Enamored with Enamel

I love glossy things. Maybe that’s weird but smooth and shiny is good in my book. I’ve seen this faux enamel vase idea in a couple of places.  I love it and the outcome was just what I was looking for.  I would do it again, though maybe with a few variations.

The faux enamel look is really easy to accomplish.  You just need a clear glass vase, a paint brush, and enamel paint. Super simple with an awesome result.

I already had one vase that would work for this project, but I wanted more, so off to Goodwill I went. They had a variety of clear glass vases, and I picked up two more for $0.59 each.  Then I zipped into Michael’s to pick up the paint and brushes.  I wasn’t sure how much paint I would need, so I started with a 2 oz bottle of glossy enamel paint.  Between the 40% off coupon I used at Michael’s and the Goodwill vases, this project was not going to break the bank.

. Image

I prepped the vases by washing them with warm soapy water, rinsed them and dried them thoroughly.


I wasn’t sure exactly how this was going to work, but I squeezed some paint in the bottom of the first vase and got to work. My plan was to just gently brush the paint around, making sure to cover the whole surface inside, adding more paint when needed. I was hoping that the one bottle of paint would be enough for all three vases. After I finished each vase I turned them upside down on a paper towel to let any extra paint slide down and out for a few minutes.

When I was doing the second vase, I started to worry that one bottle of paint wouldn’t be enough.  The next time I do this I would buy more paint, especially if I use a different color.  The gold provides better coverage than other color choices, so fortunately I was able to make it work with just one bottle.



I started the process early in the afternoon and some of the thicker spots took all night to dry.  I waited until the next day to place anything in the vases to ensure I didn’t smudge the paint.


I am SO happy with how these turned out. I love the gold, kind of a neutral, but with some sparkle. They look beautiful holding fall leaves, and then they can jazz up my décor around Christmas. I will totally do this again in the future!



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