Seasonal Frame

I think fall is finally here to stay! The leaves are changing colors and falling everywhere, the morning air is crisp and cold but things warm a little with the sun. This has me thinking about the holidays, and with holidays comes decorating! I don’t always put a lot of effort into fall decorating but then I had an idea for a project that can be quickly changed to match the seasons. With just a few basic supplies that I had on hand and a few from the store I made an easy addition to my fall décor.

I decided that I wanted a neutral color that would allow for a variety of colors over the course of the year. I really like grey right now so it was an easy choice.

The paint went on really easy on the “V” but the frame was a little glossy so it needed a quick sanding to help the paint stick.

The idea behind this whole project is that the background can change each season, so I looked though my stock of fabric and found something that I thought looked fall-y. I covered the back of the frame with this, just folding it over like a present and securing with a little tape for security and easy removal.

Finally I took some inspiration from our trees in the back yard to make this shout even more of fall.

I’m really looking forward to enjoying this for the next couple of months, but my mind is already churning, thinking about what I can do for winter.



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